Who's Who?

Group Scout Leader(GSL)                                Rita Pethick 
Group help(GH)                                               Samantha Grabham      

Beaver Scout Leader  (BSL)                          Vacant

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)       Jo Lucas

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader (ABSL)       Neal Baker


Cub Scout Leader(CSL)                                 Stephen Pethick   

Assistant Cub Scout Leader(ACSL)             Abigail Pethick    

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)            Sophie Mitra

Assistant Cub Scout Leader (ACSL)            Elliott Fendle

Scout Leader (SL)                                          Brian Pethick      

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL)                      Alastair Pethick   

Assistant Scout Leader (ASL                       Mark Snelgrove 

Scout Section helper                                    Libby Mitchell

Young Leader (YL)                                         Peter Elliott, Rowan Lucas, Seb Cawte and Daniel Murphy                                                                                                                                                          


The Group Executive Committee is made up of volunteer parents/guardians and comprises of at least the following members:

          Chairman                       Olly Parker (Scouts)

          Treasurer                        Nila Soda

          Secretary                        Sue Murphy 

          Group Scout Leader     Rita Pethick

          Members:                       Beaver Scout Leader

                                                  Cub Scout Leader

                                                  Scout Leader


Plus two parents/guardians from each section

Please speak to a leader if you are interested

Currently –  Zoe Stevens (Cubs), Tim Child (Cubs) Nick Macdonald-Robinson (Cubs)